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At Zealsio we prime tech with a human touch. Problem solving starts with listening, and trust us, we are great listeners! Once all your pain points, needs and wants are gathered, we will converge to a design and then an implementation that is actually useful and delightful for your customers. Smooth like butter 🧈

Website Development

Setting up a brand new site or revamping it with a new design? Our solutions based on the latest techstacks and tools such as Gatsby, Next.js, Nuxt, WordPress & Webflow got your marketing needs covered. The result website will meet the responsiveness, performance, security standards and SEO metrics that makes your business thrive.

Website development with Zealsio

Web Application Development

Our forte is definitely on the Frontend side. Typescript, Vue.js, React, Django and Rails are some of our technology choices to quickly set up a robust and usable system—no matter an internal tool or customer facing interface. Needless to say that we commit to deliver maintainable and tested quality code.

Web application development with Zealsio

Mobile Application Development

We love mobile apps, you too? The best way to engage and retain your users is by being always there for and with them (literally). Let us turn your existing applications into maintainable cross-platform iOS and Android apps using Flutter or React Native.

Mobile Application development with Zealsio

UI/UX Design & Prototyping

We live and breathe UX. Our Human-Computer Interaction designer is ready to take you on a journey from lo-fi prototypes to final designs. Tailored to your customer needs, we will select the most adequate ideation and exploration processes, observations, personas and brainstorming workshops.

UI/UX Design and prototyping with Zealsio

Low-Code Automation

Just like you, we hate torturing our team members with repetitive and meaningless tasks. We are skilled in automation and integrations using Zapier, Zigiwave, IFTTT, Hubspot, Twilio, Pipedrive and similar tools. Let it flow, let it flow 🎶 and save time and resources while preventing human-induced errors.

Automation and optimization with Zealsio

Technical SEO

Great content but still struggling to rank high? We know your pain! Let our digital marketing specialist and web engineers appease the algorithm gods and redempt the SEO sins that get you penalized by almighty Google. At Zealsio, we are totally zealous about web performance optimization and enriching your content with structured data.

Technical SEO with Zealsio

Natural Language Processing

Zealsio also rides the wave of AI. We adapt existing language models—such as BERT, GPTs, LayoutM, Spacy—to create intelligent systems based on NLP. Transfer learning into a niche knowledge domain, classification, translations, conversational user interfaces are some of the challenges we are up for.

Natural Language Processing with Zealsio
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